How Hard Can It Be?

I wanted to move my Blog from one Host to another. I didn’t have any idea how to do that.

So I created a new Blog on the new Host and then looked at various methods of Backing up the original Blog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see any option to Restore.

So eventually I tried Export and Import. This created a simple XML file which was downloaded to my PC. Then I uploaded it onto the new Blog and everything is added. The two Blogs look almost the same. I still need to add a few additional Plugins, but otherwise it has worked.

Job done! Easier than I expected.


Wow! I haven’t posted here for a long time. Unfortunately, nor has anyone else. Seems I am still just talking to myself – just now I am doing so in a more modern way.

Yesterday I had a very unpleasant shock.

I have lived in the same house for about 54 years. There is a huge walnut tree in my garden, a huge sycamore tree in the next door garden, right up close to my boundary fence and a large walnut tree in the next door garden. I remember the latter being planted about 40 years ago, but the other two are probably older than either of the houses – which themselves are over 150 years old. Being that old, probably neither house has much in the way of foundations.

It seems that my neighbour is worried by small cracks appearing in his house, especially in the outbuildings which he converted into habitable rooms when he moved in a few years ago. So his solution is to apply for permission to cut down his two trees!!

Every house in the village has a large tree in its garden – none of the owners seem concerned by the effects of that.

Why do I have to be next to the only one who would want to cut down two fine old trees just because of a few minor cracks?

Even worse, I fear that once he has destroyed his own two trees, he will try to get mine cut down as well.

How can I stop him? I couldn’t bear the though of living in the house without my walnut tree. After all, the house is called ‘Walnut Tree Cottage’.

I didn’t sleep very well last night after hearing that news. Worrying. Not a good present for my 60th Birthday, which is next month.


After reaching my initial target weight, I am now more or less in Maintenance Mode.

I still walk a fair amount, although not as much now the weather is so cold. I still eat carefully and keep down below my ‘target daily allowance’ in calories.

As a result, I am still below my target weight. This is good.

The odd thing is that that ‘target daily allowance’ was aimed at losing two pounds per week. So if I am still staying below that allowance, why am I not still losing weight?

It would appear that, somehow, my body has adapted to that reduced level of calories and I am now stuck with that. Pity.

It would be nice to be able to eat a little more now that I have reached the target weight.

I Made It!

Way back in February, I was instructed by my Doctor to go on a low-fat diet.

I weighed 17 stone 13 pounds (251 pounds).

I set myself the target of getting to a BMI of under 25, which is the point on that scale which marks the boundary between ‘overweight’ and ‘normal weight’. This is 13 stone 2.4 pounds (184.4 pounds).

Yesterday morning I weighed 13 stone 1.5 pounds (183.5 pounds), which is 24.9 BMI.

I made it!!

Appropriately enough as I was so fat I looked as if I was pregnant, it has taken 9 months to lose the weight.

Now I just need to maintain the weight.

I did wonder if I would start putting the weight back on again. However, this morning I had gone down another quarter of a pound. Not bad with the heavy rain preventing any real exercise yesterday.

In a Hurry?

Why do people pull out of a side turning when the gap is not long enough …… and then drive very slowly?

So often I have a car cut out in front of me, forcing me to brake, then crawl very slowly down the road in front of me and turn off a short distance later. If they only need to go a short distance and are clearly not in a hurry, why cut out and make me slow down?

When I was taught to drive, long ago, I was always instructed never to do something in a car which forces someone else to change their speed or direction. It seems that no longer applies.

Sobering Thought

It occurred to me this morning that I have now lived for longer since my mother died than I did whilst she was alive.

She died in April 1982 – which is over 30 years ago. I was almost 29 at the time.

So I had a mother for less than 29 years and have been without one for over 30 years.

I still miss her.

Different Standards?

As I walk the dog the peace and quiet of the Countryside is spoiled by the noise of light aircraft droning overhead, most of the time. They are usually just flying round in circles, not actually going from A to B.

It occurred to me that if teenagers rode up and down the road (or around the block) on their little motorbikes, people would be up in arms about the noise of these young yobs wasting fuel and making a nuisance of themselves.

Yet it seems people do not object to the constant noise of the light aircraft. Why not?

Both groups are enjoying their choice of transport without the slightest thought for the nuisance they are causing. Where is the difference?

Windows always knows best

I admit I don’t like Windows.

Whenever I power up a Windows computer, it always has something else it wants to do rather than let me run what I want to run.

I just started up my laptop – which I hadn’t used for a while – and of course the Anti-Virus was out of date. So this was the most important thing to do first. I clicked on the Update button and it loaded IE to download the updated version of the Anti-Virus. IE popped up a window asking if I wanted a tour of IE. Not really a good time for that. So then I reached the AV website and clicked on the option to download the latest version of the software. IE popped up a little banner at the top of the screen saying that to protect my system it has disabled the download. So I had to click on that to allow the download. Eventually of course UAC asks if I want to allow the program to be installed. All this with my machine not protected as the AV is out of date!!

Then of course, whilst it is downloading, Windows is also checking to see if there are any updates it needs to download and checking if Windows Defender has run recently.

Then I wanted to download a new program which was several GB in size. So I left it running overnight. After half an hour Windows decided to hibernate, even though it was plugged in to the mains. Of course, when I got up hours later, the download hadn’t finished. Why would it go to sleep when there is an active program in the middle of doing something?

Of course, Windows always knows best!

What I need is a system that starts up and then lets me run what I choose to run. That is why I use a Mac or Linux most of the time.

Something to say?

One odd paradox of living alone is that when I have something to say, there is nobody available to hear it. Then again, when I have a potential audience, there is nothing that seems appropriate to say.

Many times I have thought up some wonderfully witty comment …….. and nobody will ever hear it – apart from the dog who is not much of a literary critic really, especially now she is deaf.

So I start a Blog. It seems a good idea. After all, so often I have thought of something which will change the world – or at least produce some amusement. So why not share these ideas with a wider audience?

So I click on the + New button, select Post and ……….

Dieting – A Dilemma

Since February this year I have been dieting. It has been a long journey but I am now nearly there. I have almost reached my target. Almost four stone lost and about 12 pounds to go. This will get me back to a ‘normal’ weight.

Four stone is half a hundredweight – a sack of coal or a bag of cement. A horrifying amount to be carrying around.

One strange thing I have discovered is that the more I walk in a day, the less likely is seems to be that I will actually lose weight that day. If I sit on my rear end all day and do nothing – and leave a few calories of my daily allowance unused – I will probably lose a little. However, if I walk for five to ten miles – and use up most of the calories gained from that, leaving only a few as before – I will usually not lose any weight.

This seems counter-intuitive. I suspect the reason is that the calculation of the calories ‘earned’ by means of exercise is not an exact science – so I end up eating back too many calories. If I do not exercise – and so I know exactly how many calories are allowed for that day – then my eating will be accurate.

The odd thing is that the target I am using is calculated to lose approx two pounds per week. So even if I overeat slightly, I should still be way under my body’s actual requirement – so I should still lose weight even if not quite as much. Strangely it doesn’t seem to work that way.